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tv   Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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table, and how are we going to deal with -- [inaudible] >> right. on the issue of the treaty, as i said in my speech, it's great clear to me that the year zone countries need to come together, do more things together, cooperate more together in order to make the single currency work, and my view is they can obviously do that inside the european union if they want to, or they can do it outside the european union. it doesn't matter the country outside the eurozone if there's a proper safeguard, but if no safeguards, the treaties are on the outside. people overdo what happened in november. the real change came when countries decided to form a eurozone and give up their countries. that was going to mean they had to sit together, talk together, work together, because they have one currency between them.
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i didn't think for one minute this process disadvantages britain, and in the many ways, we have the best both worlds. we have a say about the work, but we're in the in the eurozone giving us the ability to have our own interest rates, run our on monetary policy and right now we can combine the top fiscal discipline that we need and come firmed by the imf there's no space for a further stimulus, combine that tight fiscal style with a tight radical policy with low interest rates, work on credit easing, getting credit to banks and businesses to get the economy moving. i don't think this disadvantaging britain at all. i think it's the right w5eu to engage in europe and where we have strong markets and competitiveness, we fight hard, have a lot of allies, and on
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some occasions we don't want to be in part of what europe is doing. many countries in europe want to head down their borders have company freedom movement. that's their decision. britain think it's important to keep borders to deal with drugs and guns and other issues. that's to our advantage, not disadvantage. who is next? need a bit of gender balance here. there we are, over here. thank you. >> hi, i'm from egypt. my question is about the u.k.'s leadership in foreign policy. what, if anything, is the u.k. doing to ensure a smooth transition to democracy in egypt? >> right. well, i think this is a huge challenge. i'm still an optimist about the arab spring. i still think that region of our world having the chance to throw
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up a corrupt regime and have the chance of democracy and have a say in their government is still a net positive for that part of the world and for us as well which is why i'm proud of what we did in libya and also the help we've begin in egypt. i think the issue in egypt is trying 20 get the transition right. i think that the military powers to be have to do more to show people that they want a functioning democracy, and i think they need to take further steps in that direction. i think in europe, we have a responsibility where major trading partners and up vesters in -- investors in egypt, and the neighborhood program in europe was not conditional or active, not very robust, and we're changing that to ensure the way europe engages with egypt and tunisia and morocco is more positive in promoting the building blocks of democracy to
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give people in egypt that chance of success. egypt is absolutely key because of its size and scale. if the egyptian people can demonstrate they're on a path towards a form of successful democracy as we have in turkey, for instance, i think they'll do enormous amounts for that region, so we shouldn't look away from what's happening in tunisia and libya, both smaller countries, potentially both quite wealthy countries. i think they can also show a guideline to other countries who want to make the move to democracy. i think we've got room for one more, and then we've got a special treat for everybody. gentleman here. >> hello, mr. prime minister, what's your message for the people in palestine and israel. >> my message is please keep talking. we had the talkings in jordon at the start of the year, and the truth of the matter is it doesn't matter what happens at
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the united nations or what resolutions we pass in the house of commons or here at the world economic forum, this is only happen, a two-state solution, of a secure israel next to a new state of palestine, only happens through a negotiation of those two parties sitting around the table. as president obama said, we can't want it more than they want it. it's clearly in both their interests. there's talks to go ahead and succeed, and i would say as i did say to benjamin netanyahu this week, you know, you got to show confidence building measures to show the palestinians you're cease -- serious to get a deal, and i said don't add too many preconditions before you go into talks because you got to do the negotiation around the table rather than before you get there. now, both sides can give up a little and actually show they want to deal, they want to agree, i think we'll all know roughly what most of the end state solutions are. as one put it many times and i
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think here in davos, sometimes there's a light, but there's no tunnel. we need to get the tum right in terms of the talks process to >> "washington journal" is live at 7:00 eastern would segments on home fork -- home foreclosures. >> our road to the white house coverage continues today with several events in florida. newt gingrich speaks to the hispanic leadership network conference at 11:00 a.m. eastern. that conference in miami, we will hear from mitt romney and you concede that lie ahead -- on c-span at 12:20 p.m.. rec center are will be in miami today speaking to the latin builders association. that is live it 1:30.
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>> april 15, 2010 i arrived in paris and walked into the hotel lobby and that general, crystal for the first time and he looked dead me and said, "so you are the rolling stone got. i don't care about the article, i just want to be on the cover" i think it is between you and lady gaga. i was trying to make a joke. he replied, "just put me and lady gaga in a hard-shaped tub." this is a different kind of general benefit several months later, general macarthur had been fired because of the article. michael hastings continued the story and talks about his new book sunday night at 8:00
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eastern on cspan "q &a." >> the world economic forum hosted a discussion on the prospects for middle east peace. the panelists included the israeli president shimon peres and the leader of the palestinian authority. this is a little under one hour. minutes. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. it gives me great gentlemen with whom you are very familiar with in davos. president, i think we should nominate you senior citizen of the meeting because you're first
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participation dates back to over 20 years ago. prim minister, i think over ten years we had the pleasure to welcome you here, and, of course, it's very significant since those two leaders are sitting together as they are this afternoon. if i introduce, which principle is not necessary, president paris, you know, he was the longest serving member of the israeli, his efforts in the peace process earned him the respect of his nation and the respect of the world. i, as a personal experience, i had the pleasure to sit with you yesterday, and i never, and you would be surprised, i never have learned so much in my life about
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brain research as that discussion with you. prime minister, you are, of course, the prime minister of the palestinian authority. your courage and conviction has created a new legacy for the palestinian people, and you are very much recognized for your enduring commitment, and i repeat, your enduring commitment to building a strong -- to build strong palestinian institutions as well as for your efforts to secure the peaceful future for both palestinians and israelis. the extra special conversation today, and i would like to ask immediately after all of what we
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hear with impressions that people are just annoyed if i may say so, the world population still to listen to what's happening and to see a lack of progress, so let me ask you, is there still reason for hope that we will have a recop silluation in this way for the world for world peace? >> thank you very much. he said i was senior citizen of the post, and this conference is different than any other the conference i participate. usually, the congress were unknown to these questions, but this time, the questions are up known. it's a conference to decide what
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are the questions of our time for the first time. we can want cure, and in this, if you don't know the nature of it, and we're in a situation of not just the middle east, but the middle east is more in a question than all others. there's an absolute question. i'm convinced there will be peace between the palestinians and us based on the two-state solution. i don't have the slightest doubt. i won't give it up. i'm not in december -- desperation, and i have reasons why. things are not outstanding still as people are thinking. i believe the palestinians did a good job -- both president abbas and prime minister benjamin netanyahu in two ways. in addition to the diplomatic
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gorks, they -- negotiations, they started to believe as a state, and so the time was not wasted. we have to distinguish between building a state and running negotiations. ..
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to create oppression and then then instead of negotiations at t-bill. it is an addition two. now we have to negotiate. i think even on the negotiation is certainly enabled and into
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the path to enhance or the flaky have been a serious alternative to the peer the uprising of whatever you call it in the dream the air of me is not about the conflict. it does not include what is happening in syria, what happened in other countries, in egypt is not part of the conflict. yet the extreme people are using the conflict as a justification for their own self. we don't want to serve anymore as an excuse. we think the best thing we can do to enable the arab people to go their way is really to take out this conflict in the contest and to take it out by having an agreement between the two of us. now let me say about israel.
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for a teammate peace with the palestinians is not justice. it is an historic commitment. we are trying to make this not to achieve a political or strategic concept, but to be true to our tradition the jewish tradition does not permit us to all other. we have to remain true to our history into our tradition. so we are committed in the death to make this. not a long time, how to translate into reality is finally most of the world has agreed. there is just one solution and that is a solution of two states. they palestinians day, israeli
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state. the arabs will have a palestinian state. living side by side. in the negotiations, they remain some problems. and people are extremely nervous. a little bit diet does dates the shroud is the times of negotiations. i mean, the date of the 26th of this month is supposed to take some odd bits. i am afraid that under plans and pleasure we shall commit mistakes because the middle east has changed already the different middle east. egypt is no longer the same egypt it used to be. it's an entirely new country. i don't want to criticize or nis, but the position of egypt
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and said the conflict is not the same as it used to be. i believe that with a little bit of patience and by the way, the remaining problems in my judgment are more psychological than realistic. i don't say that if it's psychological it's easier to sell. but we can solve it. and from my experience, i note that when you come to the end of the world and you think this is end, it be relaxed. there is enough ground on both sides and understanding on both sides and to have the highest respect for a boss and fortran to a think it is the best thing that could have been for the palestinians. the best thing that could happen for us. we respect him.
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we want to talk with them. we have domestic problems. you know, peace is a very serious problem domestically. as you have to convince your people to make concessions. now people say we are ready to pay the price, but why are you paying so much click you don't know how to negotiate. naomi and there is that peace is like love. unless you close a little bit -- he must be a little bit forgiving and a little bit elegans and construct to and even ambiguous because negotiations is a very hard experience. so to answer your question, i do believe that it will happen. i hope it will happen soon.
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i think postponing is damaging and i think we have to continue and to walk on two legs on the construct is one in the diplomatic one, negotiating. in spite of all the disappointments, we shall finally come out with peace between the two of us and let the arab world deal with its own real problems. [applause] do you feel we are close? can we do a? >> thank you very much, professor schwab. i would like it take advantage of of the introduction and answer the question. but not before i thank you for giving me the opportunity and
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also for this statement of goodwill. the answer i can get the question of course would not be satisfactory in this sense the preventing an objective reason or reasoning leading to the conclusion that there is hope. the answer i gave is that there must be hope. and if you are palestinian, hope is something that has to be a concept of decision-making. the question is can we do what is necessary in order to provide an object does for this commitment to continue to be hopeful and so we indeed are able to bring this conflict resolution. and here's where it's like to take advantage of the out line
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with the introduction. building the state in negotiating peace. both are necessary. both are equally necessary in both reinforce each other when they are working well and would work to reprimand of the outcome that we are all pursuing if either is not working out, both have to work well. right now, i think was one would have to really work hard to be hopeful at this age and so far as what the political process is concerned, and my own assessment, the political process since inception if we take insentient tuning since the beginning of the puzzle process has never been this lacking in focus in my own assessment.
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that's my objective assessment. we have a process that is driven by the strong desire to get something to go i refer you to what has been name since november 23rd. and putting the partners in a position of having to respond to that desire when i do not believe that conditions are actually right for the meaningful presumption of political process. some might argue that this is a worse timeless. why not try a? that would be okay if in fact coincidently while pursuing the attempt to get the political process to move again, the court said was making adequate efforts to really watch all of this other flack mentions by president peres. putting the state has a lot of
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requirements and so far asleep palestinians of concern to ensure that we have all the elements necessary for that state to emerge and come to the institutions of the state. it also requires a lot of attention but international communities and adequate support to sustain this effort, it also requires our cooperation by the state of islam in order to make it possible for a senate palestinian authority to begin to be effectively able to project that which we have been doing over the past two years on the path of getting rid of statehood as a state in the making. this is political events where he began to have that interference between the building and the political process. so what i would argue must happen in order for us to find an object is reason and to be
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convinced inside that there is process that is going to be taken semi-politically, i believe these issues they require a lot more attention than they have been getting. but the authority, which is a key instrument of the process, given the key outcome that we are looking for at this political process them in the most important one is the emergence the emergence of that independent substantive. that being the case, the palestinian authority itself cannot but be viewed but a key instrument to the palestinian authority that finds itself right now in a position of having to manage with very little resources. there's not enough attention being paid to this issue. they understand the position because of its own failures? or is it because it's something
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that's completely exogenous and nothing in this instance being given to the palestinian authority to commitment. and the palestinian authority must be enabled adequately to operate in the entire economic phase that will present from which palestinians want to emerge. and talking about the west bank, where the palestinian authority cannot test development in orderly fashion. the institution also requires close attention with disease still be in there that was before. and there is finally the issue of what do we do in order to be able to put our country back together? because that too is an acquired mac for us to be able to have the state. in order to validate our shared commitment to continue to be
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hopeful, something which i believe we should work on. >> thank you,.or fayyad. [applause] president peres, would you be ready to make some comments come in to to it dr. fayyad said? >> i think right now the major dramatic effort should be done directly between the dual class because the quartet tested dunn street, because there are collections both in america and europe. and i think we are mature to conduct the negotiations. we need the help of the united states. we need to support other people. i don't underrated. but there is a danger that if
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things could be done under pressure, we have ourselves a situation. if you ask me, what is the greatest problem to make this in the middle east? financers durand. iran is to agent these that don't permit to make this. one agency is. we left gaza, made it a base of markets to israel. now, ayn rand and finally cnn, standing armed that endanger training, passing should be even more extreme than they are. and this i can agency is in lebanon, hezbollah. they almost put an end to lebanon as an independent come integrated country. they are known because of the situation in the middle east. but what i is the international
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community will take upon itself to bring an end to the management of the renamed domestication of the middle east. what do they want commend the iranian? they want to be the hegemon. they don't want peace. they want to have a nation under patrimony. i believe the problem is not just the nuclear issue. iran today is the only conflict in the world, which took more corruption as a way of governing. they hang people without trial. they encourage every terroristic acts. they don't have any expression, respect for human rights.
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it's the only country, mind you, the only country that threatens openly to destroy another of the middle east israel. and i think the steps that are taken by europe and america are not enough and i believe that we have to put the pleasure on the human rights. i believe that values are strong at economics. and i believe that we have to make the people in iran hopeful that they can find this government that suggests adding to the iranians, nothing to the rest of the world is the first that i can think of that doesn't have a message of any positive progress. and i am glad that steps were taken and we shall be free. hamas wouldn't exist without iran's support.
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the palestinians should be united it would be easier for them and for us to make peace. we should continue in spite of this if we will leave lebanon for being under pressure. so i believe if they are is an intimation of support, it should be expressed in two ways. to support the peace process including the construction of the palestinians they as fayyad as mentioned in that the conflict between the two of us to let us settle the problems. there is nothing concerning the arab future hanging upon the conflict with the palestinians and us. but it is being used as an excuse. the body is small, michelle and it large. we would like to get out of that. we would like to be an excuse for the extremists to say the
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conflict to the palestinians and israelis the major issue. it is not. it's a major issue between the two of us, but it shouldn't disturb the generation of the arabs to go ahead. the little problem in the middle east is poverty, not politics. the real problem in the middle east is the social and economic situation that area's unemployment. there is a terrible level -- a line of poverty of which one belongs to. the young people are unemployed. there is a great deal of corruption. nobody can save this occasion the middle east but the people themselves. there's not enough money. so i think we can now the palestinians country and the new age because we live in a new age that the old governments in a new road became the because the
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most important instrument to govern was taken away from there. usually governments are governing by controlling the economy. since the economy is no longer a nation of global, it affects every country in no country alike and the economy as some predict above because it is as much as you want. but all of a sudden a young boy of 27 years old who doesn't live in police introduces a facebook and shares to the world. look what's happening. so it is in your world and making it the only way to kick down to growth, to overcome poverty and hunger and starvation is to adopt the modern means the growth, which is on one hand on one hand been at the other enact the other
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hand, scientific. i am convinced that if the arab world will have a better condition, israel will have a better chance to live in peace. it is our interest to be successful. to think it has been a pleasure to see anybody suffering. what poorer? and i think it is a great occasion for the world because if we want peace in the middle east and enough growth in africa, the whole global structure comes together in small contribution, which we can do to bring an end to the conflict unless handled the issues for the betterment of the middle east, of its people, arabs and christians because the
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economy is no longer. i would like to make my america can't. people are criticizing globalization. let's not forget that the globalization process hope as well. i think globalization on intentionally became the greatest force against racism, since economic global companies wants to sell all over the world, they cannot discriminate anybody because that scholar or religion or anything else. in an under x-ray, it is for the palestine that we have a strong boost anti-racist economy the world. the second point is it opened up the world. nobody can control it. don't envy any date tator anymore in the middle east because they cannot love. they cannot blame the people. it is opening up in that permits
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the young generation to become modern and saved their lives in their future. so globalization is not only negative in this arrived in the middle east. i think next time his don't have a future because we don't have a message. they may think it's the new government that are like to not into the issues, which are economic and social. in a new age, which is global and open, there won't be peace. >> i would like to come back to three-pointpresident peres mentioned. the first one is the question, can the palestinians and the israelis solve the issues through direct negotiations?
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the second point is related to the external fat tears, which has to be taken into consideration. president schwab mentioned herein. the third point is the impact of the great transformation. i refer to the young generation. i refer to face the, arab spring generation. how does it change the situation and possibly the cost in the middle east? >> thank you. the first question is yes. but the context in which we have been talking about the need for those negotiations actually to be based on a set of principles that are consistent also with what is required under
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international law and order to bring this conflict resolution on a sustainable basis. for the outcome to be not only viable, the sustainably viable. and that is why both tracks are identified were necessary. he said the political process and negotiations. both unnecessary in order to bring about this conflict. but it seems to me that we and it has been there all along that we need some handfuls. direct negotiations are a requirement in order for us to be able to wrap things up, and sought them under definition so so far as i can turn because if you look at the nature of the conflict, the nature of the issues, the partners agreed to negotiate in a language actually of their agreement.
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how else is it going to be done? obviously we need to sit down and negotiate. but all along we need significant amounts of international hop and champion in order for us to be able to do this. and what i argue is needed in the light of nearly experience to do this is that there is really time to take a look at the fact of the weakness. why is that this process does not deliver to the fullest extent it could have? and after our, that palestine should have have been by 1999. here we are more than 12 years later. i think it is time for the president to send back the direction of that which is acquired by financial and international legitimacy. they continue to be decided on the basis of that which is to be
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acceptable. why? because here we are still struggling. this is actually getting back together to negotiate, to do what is necessary by definition. i'm not really here suggesting that what is required is a resolution, but i am suggesting that the process is in bad need of serious reaction. it cannot be left alone. time is of the essence. we believe it is inevitable for this conflict to come to an end, doesn't mean it's a sense of inevitability is going to happen. it is time to recognize the feelings of this process and it is filled. the context is important that takes me to the second positive question. and i believe both elements of the two questions you asked where the regional context.
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although the next context is absolutely important to make free with what the president said about the united states given where it is now in the political cycle. also where the european union is in terms of its understandable preoccupation. and these considerations add to, i believe, reasons why i believe conditions are not likely right for a meaningful, affect it workable presumption that those sides. regional context is most challenging. i myself have although some argue there's too many small countries that the world is palestinians tried desperately to see yet another small states added to an already long list of twos more countries. i believe given that disposition
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we cannot really eat too enthralled by regional powers trying to throw their weight around regardless of who they are. i think one of the consequences, i hope anyways that the arab spring you talked about transformation and the point of inquiry would be a reawakening of who we are is very and to actually begin to find our way on the basis of a much better understanding of what the rule of government should be, what government does about. i did much better understanding for deep understanding of what it is that actually cause the thing to happen. the arab spring happened as a direct consequence of decades of people in the region governed,
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not an effective or confident manner so far as citizens rates of turn. there's much better understanding of how important it is to have the kind of government, both responsible and responsive government. how do we take advantage of that? on some level it seems to me this movement should help us because it score it very much fundamentally can just end up with the nature of palestinians are looking for. we are looking for being able to be in that country alone. these are the higher meanings. that is why from the beginning going back to last year i said that this movement should he respected and honored. here we are on the other side of
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things. but there is another side to this, which is important. as a practical matter of the rule analysis seems to me and need a consequence of the arab spring, ira cussler we are fundamentally consistent and very much with the cause of the arab spring, our cause has been marginalized in a substantial way. and yet it do not recall the palestinians have been marginalized to the extent it is pretty much for decades. palestine actually became -- there is obviously the understandable preoccupation with the ramifications how to deal with it and the natural consequences of it. trying to find their way around.
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economically speaking. what you do? elections, there are important questions. and quite a number of years before they were up and down and abettors stated state of equilibrium. so there's that and there is of course the other dimension of the preoccupations we talked about in terms of where the united states is and what the european union is. then is therefore a key challenge facing a period trying to translate the hope we are looking for into something that can be invested in is to begin to answer the question, how do we do with this marginalization? is to begin to answer the question, how do we do with this marginalization? is to begin to answer the question, how do we do with this marginalization? i would just like since 94, in
6:46 am
the aftermath of oslo conference, we were sitting tickly every here on this stage. i remember the great hope, which people have in casablanca conference. you definitely remember i recalled when we were sitting together it was such a great hope in 2001. and now we are sitting again together and i think the audience can only share my impression to such a reasonable enlightened people, full of goodwill. so, my last question to each of you is what is the single most important factor now, finally to conflate the soap into reality.
6:47 am
and i don't want to hear which you will too, but as you want to hear what you said just to force to the prime minister and what she would do that is the most important fact here is an we can go one step finally forward and afterwards if you would conclude. >> my dear friend, you know, listening to you and i hear it time and again when things didn't happen as we had hoped for. let me make a remark. 20 years is a long time for historically not a very long period. usually this process takes time to be impeachment. but amnesty is can we talk about their amazing disagreement circuiting agreements do not mention the most important one.
6:48 am
that's what i agree with dr. ziad that we have to work on the two, on the dramatic in that building. it will not make us walk as fast as we shape. talk too much and want to let go. but what happened in those 20 years, let's not forget. we have a government today that has agreed to a two state solution. it's a major ideological change. don't forget it. the president prime minister doesn't come from the left side or from the right side, but the government decreed to a two state solution, but didn't this be for. then again, the government decreed to which you call the construction and maybe now we call it economic peace. it doesn't matter. but the construction is done in a great man he.
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it takes time to build a country, to build the land is not a simple proposition . you know, israel is 64 years old. an you know, we're also in the 64 years we have go through seven wars. i'm not jim what that is on the young people on this stage, we never gave up hope. so we have agreed to a two state solution that wasn't 20 years ago and wasn't 10 years ago. that is a basic agreement. we have agreed that she would build the state can do it in full agreement. and then we also understand that
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we have to negotiate directly between the two of us. i believe what we have to do right now we cannot solve the remaining problems that are complicated. you know, jerusalem. jerusalem -- this is the whole story. they were already 20 wires about these two numbers. there are 100 site and these two minus. it's very complicated. it is beneficial, but it's also complicated. now what we have to do is move into steps. step number one is to open the negotiations. we need agreements, which will cover of the issues, to enable the palestinians in israel to reopen the negotiations.
6:51 am
this should be done soon. once we showed reopen the negotiations should be good because otherwise it could be an ongoing press conference. and i believe that should really a family shall negotiate family shall negotiate family shall negotiate family shall negotiate pain. but it is not like he used to be. i am sorry if it takes time. it's costly to you to ask all of us, but i wish it would've been done. and what i believe, my hope is that the young arab people will bring their peoples and nations to a modern economy to escape poverty. only they can do it and they can do it.
6:52 am
i believe its sincerity. i believe in their future. i don't consider that neither strangers are enemies. may take a year, two years to have a transitional transition extremely difficult to overcome. we have to where it and not to become the sons because something was disappointing. not any nice that you can achieve just by jumping the sport i like this job and. jumping to conclusions. don't jump to conclusions. it takes time. but we are nearer than most of our thinking. it is more complicated that most of us would like to have a, that we are at the final at times to
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complete a very long war and complicated that carries with it. and now, in ireland to convert the years. hundreds. europe was for thousands years it consonant with civil wars, with the stress and so i am hopeful. i don't think we have to wait a hundred years. i think i will calm sooner than we do. we have to negotiate with restrained and put the mobile judgments on top of every thing. i learned from handset with a that were sent old. never cheat, always there.
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be careful not to bus. and the second thing i learned from him, and at the highest level of waste time, the top of wisdom is the moral preference. there is nothing wiser than to respect values. it's very powerful. and i'm sure this piece will rest on more foundations, not just on economic cooperation and not just on diplomatic understanding. so let's have a sense of repulsion and that's look at what is achieved and not only with an angry mood because we didn't receive everything as soon as we would like to. thank you ramage. >> thank you. your reaction, prime minister?
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>> at two levels, the macrolevel at first as an assurance as to what it is exactly that the government means when he says a two state solution. what kind of state does he have in mind? it was about two and a half years ago that prime minister netanyahu for the first time was in a formal way to set up a two state resolution. i believe who is too long, but we should not let backward. looking forward at the macrolevel is an assurance as to what it is exactly this meant by that. that may be clear in terms of what we are looking for. we're looking for an end and it is a viable path time.
6:56 am
that's a definition of it. it's in fact we begin to know what is meant by it as a two state solution. i think it is high time for that to be defined with much greater specificity and description to this field. the list is long, but it only relates to the check to the tilting to the statehood. it should not be a surprising list of terms of its composition. and then for example of the palestinian authority this group to develop and indeed just live in that area, where the state of palestine is going to emerge. i made the reference in my earlier remarks, where they are severely constrained. the value in the area is about
6:57 am
26% in that area of the west bank. yet inhabited at only 50,000 palestinians. what is it that could be done to make it short. the tanker aegean center areaa, cities of us bank. measures like this actually would be suggested as the state in the making, which to use your own frayed on schwab is also the israelis. to that majority in both sides but still subscribe to the two state resolution. the majority still does not been taken have been. what must begin to happen incredibly in order to begin that assets of transformation. i just gave you a few items in the ink attention to this would be a very good weakening. thank you.
6:58 am
>> thank you, president. thank you, prime minister. we all hope the pope which was expressed here is what you call just and peace, which family to people together. so when we are here, and the prime minister towards the next year, let's hope to receive focus. that is my plea, thank you. [inaudible conversations] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> the center for strategic and international studies hosts a
6:59 am
form on the proposed defense budget for next year. that is on c-span 3 at 9:00 a.m. eastern. on c-span 2 at 1:15 p.m. eastern, president obama is in cambridge, maryland tuesday to ask democrats. in a few moments, today's headlines and recalls live on "washington journal." our road to the white house coverage continues with several events leading to the florida primary on saturday. the hispanic leadership network conference in miami will hear from newt gingrich at 11:00 a.m. eastern and from mitt romney at 12:20 p.m. presidential candidate rick santorum will also be in miami today speaking to the latin builders association. that is live at 1:30 p.m. eastern. in about 45 minutes, we will discuss or real estate foreclosures with david stevens, president and ceo of the mortgage bankers association. journalist thomas


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